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ACORD has developed and maintains an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) standard, the ACORD Automation Level 3 (known as AL3), which focuses on the communication between property & casualty insurers, their agents and other trading partners. This standard allows industry partners to electronically exchange information such as policy/submission, claims, surety and accounting data. Today, through the use of the ACORD AL3 Standard, over 80,000 agency-company pairs are exchanging information.

*Please Note: Only ACORD P&C/Surety Members who have signed an AL3 Licensing Agreement can download the AL3 Standard from this website's P&C/Surety Members Only Area - AL3. To obtain access, please contact Member Services at memberservices@acord.org or by phone at +1 845-620-1700 option 2.

About AL3 - Features

The AL3 Standard is a mechanism for exchanging insurance information between organizations. The standard is primarily focused on policy and application information; however, its scope also includes claims, surety and accounting data. The AL3 Standard itself is actually a library of documents, each known as a "standard". These standards are individually identified by a three-digit number, such as 920. Some of these standards are focused on business data and/or processes, while others account for the technical information needed to create the AL3 transaction.


One strength of the ACORD AL3 Standard is that it is designed to be flexible to accommodate the needs of the insurance industry. This flexibility allows varying interpretations in the selection of data elements used, data groups used, and the placement of some data groups. Most organizations that use the AL3 Standard will create a set of specifications on how their organization creates or expects to receive the AL3 transaction. Therefore it is also important that organizations exchange these specification documents with the partner(s) they are communicating with.


The AL3 Standard identifies record layouts to facilitate the exchange of information. To support this record layout a hierarchical structure is needed so that organizations receiving the information can make the appropriate data relationships.

Data Elements and Data Element Groups

The AL3 Standard is comprised of data elements or fields that are grouped together to form data element groups. These groups are then placed in the appropriate level of the hierarchy. Some groups are identified to be used at only one level of the hierarchy, other groups can be used at any hierarchical level. The group definition that is found in the standards will identify where the group can be sent.


The ACORD AL3 Standards are available on request to ACORD P&C/Surety Members. For more information about the ACORD AL3 Standard, please contact Ed Voyek at evoyek@acord.org.

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